Kenneth N. Darvin, M.D.

Kenneth Darvin MD

Dr. Darvin was born and raised in New York, one of five children. His mother is a New York City schoolteacher and his father is an accountant. As a youngster, Dr. Darvin was very active with sports and even was a counselor-instructor with children and a soccer coach and instructor at summer camps. Following his high school education, he attended college at City University in New York at Queens College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Sociology with high honors and awards within the department. Dr. Darvin, knowing he was going to become a physician, felt that a degree and advancement in his education in the area of sociology would be helpful in terms of relating to patients in order to give them better care.

Upon graduating college, Dr. Darvin attended State University in New York at Brooklyn, better known as Downstate, the sixth largest medical school in the country. One of the advantages of attending such an institution, Dr. Darvin felt, was that the hospitals it was affiliated with would provide excellent clinical training in those important years of medical school. After finishing medical school, he completed a one-year medical internship at Cabrini Hospital Center in Manhattan, where he was exposed not only to just medical conditions, but many infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases which had eye findings as well. Dr. Darvin then returned to State University of New York at Downstate for his ophthalmology residency, where once again, he felt that its association with many hospitals in different areas of Brooklyn catering to different populations would be quite beneficial. Kings County, one of the main hospitals through which all the residents would rotate, has one of the busiest Emergency Rooms and is one of the busiest hospitals in the nation, with patients coming from all parts of the world with diseases most people have never heard of.

After completing his residency and serving as Chief Resident at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Dr. Darvin then completed a Fellowship in Medical and Surgical Diseases of the Vitreous and Retina. This was, again, at State University of New York at Downstate, with Dr. David Berman as his preceptor.

Following completion of his Fellowship, Dr. Darvin started at Santamaria Eye Center, where he has been since completing his residency. His specialty is in diseases of the retina and vitreous, but he sees all patients for general ophthalmology, given his vast experience in treating many conditions due to the sheer number of patients seen during training, which was almost all pathology based and very diverse in nature due to the training program. His interest still lies heavily with diseases of the retina and vitreous and, in particular, diabetes, macular degeneration, and also inflammatory diseases which can affect the retina and other parts of the body, as well.

Dr. Darvin performs digital fluorescein angiograms in the office. The advantage of the digital angiogram is that the results are immediate and can then be used as a teaching tool for the patient so that they, too, can actually see how the disease process is affecting their eyes. Also, should a patient need treatment for a condition, the results are at the doctor's fingertips and the patient does not need to return for the results. This helps with the patient's comfort in terms of worrying about the diagnosis, which can now be made immediately.

Dr. Darvin also performs on-site laser, with no need for a hospital trip for the treatment. He is available for second opinions regarding all aspects of ophthalmology, in particular, diseases of the retina or vitreous.

Dr. Darvin is married with three children and takes special pride in being a father figure and mentor to his children.

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