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Phaco-Gard™ Sterile, Disposable Microsurgical Knives


A partial thickness scleral or corneal incision is made. A dissection knife is used to extend the incision into the clear cornea at the desired location.


The Phaco-Gardâ„¢ knife is advanced to the end of the scleral/corneal tunnel with the sheath in the closed or guarded position. This eases insertion to the desired location, and reduces the risk of formation of false passageways.


The sheath is retracted exposing the blade


The phaco knife is then advanced into the anterior of the eye.


The sheath on the Phaco-Gardâ„¢ knife is left in the retracted position and the blade is withdrawn from the eye through the scleral/corneal tunnel.

Each sterile, disposable Phaco-Gardâ„¢ Microsurgical Knife is designed and manufactured for precise microsurgical incisions. The high quality blade is hand honed from cutting edges and controlled tissue dissection.

The low-profile fluoroplastic sheath allows easy insertion and advancement of the knife through the scleral/corneal tunnel incision. With the sheath in the guarded position, insertion is quick and reproducible. The unique design is intended to prevent the capture of the knife on the sclera, which could result in the formation of false passageways, penetration into uveal tissue, and/or hemorrhage.

Use of a Phaco-Gardâ„¢ Microsurgical Knife is quick, easy and may reduce the risk of complications and difficulties associated with ophthalmic surgery.



Ordering Information

Catalog # Description Quantity
00-01400 Phaco-Gardâ„¢ 3.0mm Blade Ang. Bevel Up 10/box
00-01401 Phaco-Gardâ„¢ 3.2mm Blade Ang. Bevel Up 10/box

*Developed in cooperation with Alexander M. Eaton, M.D. of Fort Myers, Florida and Jamie Santamaria II, M.D. of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Patent No. 5,234,436 other patents pending.

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